The Betslip is the shopping cart of the betting client. This covers the complete process of placing one single bet.


  • Unpinned
    • Expanded
    • Minimized
  • Pinned


  • Betslip with one single selection, no stake.

  • Minimized Betslip containing 1 single selection.

  • Expanded Betslip with an amount added to the total stake, E.g. €10.

  • The different states of a selection, Normal, Suspended and Closed.

  • Approve odds change

Approve odds change

  • Bet being placed.

  • Receipt for one single bet.


The Betslip can only be pinned on wide screens. At a certain breakpoint, the pin icon disappears. The minimum width of a pinned Betslip is 282 pixels. On narrow devices, the Betslip will fill up the full width. The Betslip is optimized for a width of 375 pixels.

To create a pinned Betslip: Drag the bottom of the Betslip down and remove the minimize/maximize icon by setting “icon_general/minimize” to “None” in the Sketch Inspector panel.