Compressed Betslip

The Compressed Betslip is the shopping cart of the betting client. This covers the complete process of placing one single bet. Compared to the full size Betslip, the compressed version has no Combination and System tabs when only one outcome is selected. It also has a lower footer.


  • Unpinned
    • Expanded
    • Minimized
  • Pinned


  • Betslip with one single selection, no stake.

  • Minimized Betslip containing 1 single selection.

  • Expanded Betslip with an amount added to the total stake, E.g. €10.

  • The different states of a selection, Normal, Suspended and Closed.

  • Approve odds change

Approve odds change

  • Bet being placed.

  • Receipt for one single bet.


The Betslip can only be pinned on wide screens. At a certain breakpoint, the pin icon disappears. The minimum width of a pinned Betslip is 282 pixels. On narrow devices, the Betslip will fill up the full width. The Betslip is optimized for a width of 375 pixels.

To create a pinned Betslip: Drag the bottom of the Betslip down and remove the minimize/maximize icon by setting “icon_general/minimize” to “None” in the Sketch Inspector panel.