Version 2.3.1


Outrights are now now part of the main UI Kit file. They are found among the desktop and mobile layouts and the outrights list items are found on the Content art board on the Components page in the main UI kit file.

Dropdown menu

It's about time we added a dropdown menu. It's found on the Navigation art board of the Components page in the main UI kit file.

Horse racing & Greyhounds

What we simply refer to as "Racing" is now part of the UI kit as a separate Sketch File. It will inherit changes made in the main UI kit file as long as you accept the library updates in the Racing file. If you don't have Horse Racing or Greyhounds in your offering you can simply omit this file. The components that are specific to Racing can be found on the Components page of the Racing sketch file.

Deprecated: Quick browse

We have deprecated our quick browse views. The quick browse layouts are saved in the Deprecated Sketch library (available on request).

Version 2.3.0

The new and improved My Bets

My Bets has been redesigned to show the bet history in a more effective way.

Retail / On property

The screens that are specific to our Self Service Terminals (SST) have moved to a new library file called “Kambi UI Kit - Retail”. It’s connected to the main Kambi UI Kit file and changes made in the main file will carry over to the Retail file. Just don’t forget to accept the updates when they are announced. You can add the Retail file as a library in Sketch's preferences, or even better, add it as a linked library file if you use Abstract.

The new landing page has been added to the Retail file.

Deprecated design

Yet another file, “Kambi UI Kit - Deprecated design”, has been added to the UI Kit file structure. It contains old layouts and components that we’re no longer using for brandings or when developing new items for the Kambi sportsbook. This will keep the main UI Kit file lighter. The deprecated items are disconnected from the UI Kit and will stay as they are and not change when anything in the main file changes. The "Kambi UI Kit - Deprecated Design" file could be obtained upon request.


  • The betslip now scales properly when expanding to pinned size.
  • Radio button size is now consistent throughout the UI Kit.
  • Many smaller fixes.

Version 2.2.0

New landing page

The new landing page is here for mobile and desktop. Each component is described in the UI Kit section where you can find the sports navigation, the promo cards and the sandwich filter.

Updated bottom navigation

The bottom navigation for mobile has been updated to the latest design.

Icon updates

The icon library has been updated. The receipt icon for My Bets is one of the latest additions.

New file structure

We're trying out a new format where we split up the UI Kit in several files in order to make the UI Kit perform faster in Sketch. You will find the "Kambi UI Kit - Media assets" file containing the landing page promo cards bundled in the latest UI Kit download. If you'd like to edit the promo cards, don't forget to add the media assets file as a library in the Sketch preferences libraries panel.

Version 2.1.0

Odds increase/decrease arrows

We added the odds increase/decrease arrows inside the outcome buttons in the UI Kit and aligned the design with the new outcome button code component. Yes, we have a design component in code now. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind (or at least for Kambi). There are many more to come. The big difference in the new outcome button is that in the stacked version the participant is on top of the odds which is opposite from the previous versions. The odds increase/decease arrows are placed in front of the odds on all outcome button types.

Number pad for retail self service terminal

We added the number pads for mobile and retail stake input in the betslip.

Approve odds change fixed

Approve odds change in the betslip was broken and has been fixed to show the intended design.

Version 2.0.2

Maintenance release

A bunch of smaller things has been fixed. Duplicate symbols, symbol opacity, text color opacity, layer names, line styles, symbol and theme color implementation etc.

Version 2.0.1

Bet placement errors

A couple of examples of error messages in the bet placement process were added.

Version 2.0.0


We redesigned the Kambi theme to align with our corporate branding. It’s only CSS changes and we treated it as as any Partner rebranding following [our own branding rules](

New color system

The biggest change in the UI Kit is that we changed how we work with colors. For Brand and Signal colors we use a 100-900 system where 500 is the base color, much as in Google Material. We have made a manual for how to change the colors and have the changes applied throughout the UI Kit. You can watch a video on how to set the Brand and Signal colors here.


Update of the general icon set and addition of sports icons on the Betty site.

Version 1.3.0

Bottom navigation

We added bottom navigation for mobile devices. This is a feature that needs to be turned on. When the bottom navigation is present, the hamburger icon and the left menu drawer are disabled.

Search bar

The search component now has a light theme both in mobile and desktop. The same Sketch symbol is used for both mobile and desktop view. We have added symbols to be able to turn the hamburger and the magnifying glass on/off to reflect how it's used on desktop and on mobile devices.

Version 1.2.0

Smart Layout

Some components broke when Sketch introduced Smart Layout. We converted several components to utilising Smart Layout to fix these issues.

To Win

Small bug fix for To Win in the compressed betslip. The stake input field has been removed.


The changelog has been moved from the Sketch UI Kit file to the Betty web site.

Version 1.1.9


Updated tab components using the new smart layout technology. Enabling easy name changing and addition of tab instances.

Version 1.1.8


Switched order of cash out and total stake in the breakdown.

Version 1.1.6

Compressed betslip

  • Added designs for compressed betslip to Symbols, Patterns and Layouts pages.
  • Layouts now uses compressed betlsip as default betslip.


Changed text alignment, resizing alignment and text layer alignment to be consistent and work properly when resizing a symbol.

Version 1.1.5

Compressed Betslip

  • Created symbol for single bet without input field.
  • Created symbol for To win option.
  • Created symbol for Compressed betslip with To win option.
  • Created symbol for Betslip with To win option.
  • Added To win option to patterns.

Retail SST client layouts

Added layouts for some of the key screns in the Retail SST client

Version 1.1.7

Approve odds in betslip

  • Added the option to show the updated odds in a betslip selection.
  • Added a new type of two row CTA button to fit “Approve odds change”.


  • Added the Overview widget. One mobile and one desktop version.
  • Created a new widget art board under Components.
  • Moved the stats widgets from the Content to the Widget art board.

Mobile My bets & Bet details

  • Added mobile My bets and Bet details to Components.
  • Added mobile My bets to layouts.

Mobile Settings

Added a mobile layout for Settings

Other stuff

Many small improvements to enhance the branding process.

Version 1.1.5

Bonuses on the betslip

Added bonus betslips to the betslip pattern and to desktop layouts.


  • Search has moved from Components to Patterns.
  • Search added to mobile and desktop layouts.


  • Navigation drawer for mobile added to Components and Layouts.
  • Sport path added to popular sports.

Version 1.1.4


Added a betslip with the tree states of a selection.

Version 1.1.3


Added subheaders for the list view.

Small fixes

Optimised the layer order for the list view layouts.

Version 1.1.2

Sports filter

  • Added sports filter components and added them to the Components page.
  • Added the sports filter component to the Live Right Now desktop layout.
  • Created the Live Right Now layout for mobile and added the sports filter.

Small fixes

  • Changed the order of art boards in Layouts so that the very unexciting Maintenance view comes last in order for mobile and desktop.
  • Changes of layer order in some components to create a more semantic appearance in the inspector panel.

Version 1.1.1

Small bug fixes

  • Reciept stake & potential payout changed in the receipt to match the previous steps in the betslip pattern.
  • Reapplied the betslip shadow styles.
  • All buttons now have 2px rounded corners.
  • Faulty icon in Live Right Now layout fixed.
  • Missing score, participants, time, market count and odds added for tennis & basketball in Live Right Now view added.
  • Corrected layer and folder names in market components for the even page.

Version 1.1.0

List items

  • Added a new type of list item component where we have no breadcrumb etc.
  • Removed all the old list item components and their accompanying assets.