Retail logos

We often get questions why the black and the white logos for the Kambi retail systems are needed. Here's some insight to where they are used and why we need them. Providing a complete logo package at the start of the integration project is essential to keeping the time schedule.

Digital Signage (DS)


These are the screens mounted on the walls of the casino displaying sport odds. In our Digital Signage system we have a low header to allow as much screen estate as possible to display the odds tables. Long or high logos don't fit very well in this space, they will be scaled down to fit and might become illegible. You can test the logo by scaling it down to 32px height and watch it on a screen in 100% size and decide if it's still legible. A three row logo is for example not optimal. Consider providing a simpler version of your logo for this space. What information does your logo need to communicate in this space?

We usually have a dark theme on the digital signage for best legibility in casinos. If you have a color version of your logo we will use it if it works, if not we will use the white version of your logo.

There is also an option to use a watermark on the digital signage. The watermark uses the white logo with high transparency as a background image. The transparency is handled by us, we just need the white version of your logotype.

Odds Sheet Client (OSC)


This is the application for printing out odds sheets. In general we just use black logos here to not waste printer color. But if you want to print with your logo in full color it's totally possible, let us know and we will set it up.


When there is space left on a sheet we display a watermark logo. That is the black version of your logotype with transparency. The transparency is handled by us, we just need the black version of your logotype.

Receipt logo


The Self Service Terminals (SST) are using a thermal receipt printer. This way of printing creates a black print with no shades of grey. Fine details in logos will not be legible on the receipt. There are also size constraints for the logo, it must fit in a space that is 500 pt high and 190 pt wide. We advise you to refrain from small texts or symbols in the receipt logo. We will take care of converting the logo to the proper file format and uploading it to our system. We will use your black logo as a source or a specific receipt logotype if one has been provided. We would like to receive the logo in vector format (.ai, .eps, .svg).