Branding of the Kambi Sportsbook

In order to kick off the branding or rebranding process with Partners and to do a good handover to our developers, we use our UI Kit as base. The UI Kit is however not a 1:1 mapping to our production client. The UI Kit does not contain every single part of the sportsbook but just enough to get branding started. Once started, Partners then get the chance to do some adjustments as the design gets transformed into code.

When the branding process is done, we will not keep on updating the branded UI Kits. The Kambi design team will focus on developing the Kambi UI Kit.

Below are the things that can be changed in a standard branding or rebranding of the Kambi sportsbook and will be handled as part of the integration. Don’t hesitate to contact your Partner Manager when you want to change something outside of standard branding. Those feature requests will be escalated and prioritized internally.

Read more about the assets we need from you before we start a branding project.