Branding the Kambi Sportsbook

We need a few assets from you to get started with the branding. Any delay in providing the assets could cause the branding process to take longer time. Send the assets to your Kambi integration manager.

On-line client


We’re using Roboto in the Kambi client, if you want a custom font family we need to get it from you. Make sure the fonts has the characters needed for the languages you support. Also make sure that you own the right to use the fonts.

  • .ttf or .otf Regular (or Normal).
  • .ttf or .otf Medium (sometimes called Semi bold).
  • .ttf or .otf Bold.
  • .ttf or .otf Italic.
  • .ttf or .otf Bold Italic.


If you want the Kambi Design Department to do the branding we will need the colors.

  • Brand Guideline document stating the color scheme in RGB or HEX color values.


Please provide logos in RGB color, SVG image format (we also accept AI and EPS as long as the files contains vectors only). Kambi will convert the SVGs to any other image format needed by our systems.

  • Color logo version (if you have)
  • Black logo version
  • White logo version


You can provide your own live stream icon in SVG format. It has to be legible in 16x16px size.


For the retail client we need some extra assets in addition to everything above.

Extra logotypes

  • Small / Limited logotype or logo mark to use in the digital signage header.
  • Small / Limited logotype to use on the printed receipt.

Read more about the logos needed for retail.

Background images for slides

You can create slides and upload background images in a Kambi back office tool. If you’d like to prepare the images, here’s the format:

  • Slide images in the dimensions 1920x984px, 72dpi.

If you need margins for text or see what's covered by icons, download this template.